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Proxmark 3 & Project Walrus: Easier Pentesting

Proxmark 3 & Project Walrus: Easier Pentesting

LAB401 ACADEMY: Proxmark 3 & Project Walrus: Easier Pentesting


Project Walrus is an an open-source Android-based tool that aims to provide a unified interface over multiple RFID devices.

Designed as a pentesting / red-teaming accessory, it also provides a centralised system for bulk-reading cards, card management, reading, writing and emulation.

In this video, we cover:

Project Walrus Overview
- Downloading the App
- Connecting the Proxmark 3
- Bulk-reading HID Prox Tags
- Cloning HID Prox

Interested in getting started with these tools? We've made the Pentester Pack that contains all the tools from this tutorial.

Check out the video below.

Many thanks to the Project Walrus guys, and stay tuned for more tutorials coming soon in this series.

Technical Resources:

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