Mifare 4K UID Modifiable

  • €34.99

Mifare 4K tag - UID Changeable

Need to make perfect clones for Mifare 4K cards? Our UID Changeable cards are your solution.

Not all 'Chinese Magic Mifare' cards are alike. There are many chipset types, each with different levels of reliability and functionality. Lab401 has spent years sourcing, testing and visiting factories to find the most reliable and flexible 'magic' cards on the market.

Until now, it has been difficult to find quality 'Magic Mifare 4K' cards at a good price, but we have found the best chipsets at a great price. 

Unlike other the 'Direct Write' / 'Sector 0' tags on the market, these tags are 'fully magic' - allowing for full, unlocked read / write capability. It is impossible to block, lock or unintentionally brick these tags, and they are 100% compatible with all Mifare readers, writers and software.

These MIFARE tags are in white PVC card format.

  • Supports fully unlocked read / write
  • Impossible to block / brick
  • LibNFC / nfc-mfclassic compatible (New!)
  • LibNFC / nfc-setuid compatible (New!)
  • Proxmark 3 compatible
  • Android compatible


Make 100% perfect clones of your existing Mifare 4k badges quickly and easily. Fully compatible with all readers / writers.


These tags are made to last - our chipsets are guaranteed for over 10,000 R/W cycles, and come in a water-proof case.

100% Unlocked

Impossible to lock, corrupt or brick accidentally - tags are 100% unlocked. Don't risk unknown vendors - buy from a reliable, tested source.

Buy in bulk - save up to 65%

Lab401 provides deep discounts for bulk orders. Whether you require 5 or 5000 cards, your business is appreciated and rewarded - please click on the 'Volume Discounts' link above to see our great discounts.

Hands on: See the card in action

Like all of the Magic Mifare cards supplied by Lab401, the Mifare 4K UID Changeable card is compatible and integrated into all of your favourite tools: Proxmark 3, libnfc, etc.
Using the cards is incredibly simple - check out the demonstration below.


  • Each PandwaRF is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
  • Packed in sturdy packaging to protect your product.
  • We provide world-wide shipping with express options.

If you are an educational-facility, reseller or need several units, please contact us.

Mifare 4K UID Modifiable - Buy now!