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Highly efficient and compact solution for flashing NAND chips. No soldering required.

Universal clasp system provides a one-size fits all solution for painless NAND programming.


The HydraFlash is a powerful NAND Flash Programming shield. 
Typically programming NAND chips is a frustrating process requiring factory programming, superhero soldering skills, or individual shields for each chip.

The Hydra Flash solves all of these problems with its innovative clasp unit that requires no soldering.

The actual programming is done via the versatile HydraBus tool.
The HydraFlash can be purchased in a bundle with the HydraBus, saving €5,00.

Functionality in a glance

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what the HydraFlash brings to the table.

Fully Open Source

100% Open Source Hardware and Firmware

Plug & Play

No mess, no soldering: 100% results every time.


Built to last, built for one task: flashing NAND.

Product Presentation: HydraFlash


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